Focus 2014 – THEATRE without borders

25 years fall of the iron Curtain

18 to 22 June 2014 in Leopoldschlag/ Upper Austria

Focus is an international amateur theatre festival in Austria, which is conducted every two years since 1978. This year it takes place from 18 to 22 June 2014. It is the fifth time in Upper Austria.

Host is the “Grenzlandbühne Leopoldschlag”, which organizes the festival together with Amateurtheater Oberösterreich (Amateur Theatre Upper Austria) and the ÖBV (Austrian Association for Amateur Theatre)

12 productions from 9 different countries invite you to come together. The slogan of the festival is connected to the memorial year “25 years fall of the Iron Curtain”. The festival aims to build bridges, promote cultural exchange and help to overcome “boundaries in the head” after the fall of the physical border.

“THEATRE without borders” has triggered a great response: 34 groups from 18 different countries have applied for participation: from Norway to Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and the Ukraine, France, Italy and Israel to Georgia.

The jury met. However, with the selection of participants it is not done yet. A lot of preparatory work is necessary that these four days will be a great festival for our guests from home and abroad and the entire region. In Leopoldschlag is already worked intensively on the organization of the festival. Next to the theatre productions a supporting program with natural guided tours, exhibitions, a solstice celebration and a great culture matinee on Sunday for the finale will be arranged.

So we can look forward to the program, one thing is certain: FOCUS 2014 THEATre without borders will be a colorful theatre festival for everyone!